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The Angels- Deidre Como has been working with the paranormal and metaphysical realms for much of her life. Her spiritual grounding comes from an understanding of Jesus’ original teachings (you know, that whole “Faith, Hope, and Love” part) and the power that the angelic realm can bring to us.  She is an accomplished practitioner of the tarot, angelic oracle cards, and the akashic records. Check out her website at

The Gods- Matt Williams has had a fascination with the supernatural since he was a kid. It wasn’t until meeting Deidre that he realized just how deep that rabbit hole went and what amazing worlds could be found. A biblical education topped with a pagan worldview gives him a personalized perspective on how to connect with the Divine. Matt is a tarot reader, dowser, and a practicing kitchen witch.  You can find out more about him at  

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Episode 5: 8-31-17
Oh hateful Mercury and your frustrating retrogrades!  This episode is a short one due to some technical difficulties.  However, the best part of the show is here for your enjoyment!  Listen in for some great tips on energetic clearing for yourself and your home!

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