In The Court Of The Dragon – Robert W. Chambers

adminrsr/ May 20, 2018/ Wednesday's Weird Stories

For many, there is a feeling of peace and calm inside the walls of a church.  Our protagonist was hoping for the same feeling and a brief respite after a stressful few days. What he found instead, chilled him to the core and brought him face to face with a familiar foe. Incidental background sounds provided by Rock’d Soul Radio’s

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The Music of Erich Zann by H.P. Lovecraft

adminrsr/ May 1, 2018/ Wednesday's Weird Stories

Wednesday’s Weird Stories returns after it’s brief hiatus with one of my favorite Lovecraft tales.  The Music of Erich Zann weaves a harmony of supernatural horror and mystery in true Lovecraft fashion.  One of the things I really enjoy about H.P.’s short stories is that you don’t really need to ever meet the “monster” to have the fear of it.

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New Music Monday – Antifa

adminrsr/ March 25, 2018/ New Music Monday

Music has long been the voice of protest. Antifa brings an instrumental challenge to the way we think, act, and live.  Started as a side project from the band Alewife, Mitch McNeil and Miguel Gonzalez bring you a full album of music designed to push your perspectives into new realms. Tune in at 9, 12, and 3 to hear the

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Wednesday’s Weird Stories – The Hanging Tree

adminrsr/ March 20, 2018/ Wednesday's Weird Stories

You might want to have some tissues at hand for this week’s story.  Listen in as we hear the tale of a young girl’s struggle through life in a world that just doesn’t seem to make sense.  While this tale is fiction, it is based in the unfortunate reality that today’s youth face.  In a unique twist that is not

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New Music Monday – Luna Gala

adminrsr/ March 19, 2018/ New Music Monday

Continuing the theme of background groove music, Luna Gala brings a psychedelic, funky mix to your day.  They also use the term, “shoegaze” to describe their music.  I always had a picture in my head of what exactly that meant, and “Volume 1” certainly lived up to that.  It was really easy to get lost in the music and suddenly

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Wednesday’s Weird Stories – The Diary of a Madman

adminrsr/ March 14, 2018/ Wednesday's Weird Stories

Told through the style of a journal, this tale by Guy de Maupassant is a haunting one that makes you question all those around you.  We often think of criminals as easy to spot and recognize, but that is certainly not always the case.  Unfortunately, there is likely a great number of criminals around you hiding in plain sight.  They

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New Music Monday – Mr. Constant “Emporium”

adminrsr/ March 12, 2018/ New Music Monday

Recorded live at Emporium in Wicker Park, this set of tunes is a great representation of Mr. Constant’s on stage energy.  This trio of progressive, jam rockers will give you a great soundtrack to your workday or just relaxing around the house. Give the guys some love on their facebook and bandcamp pages and don’t forget to tune in at

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New Music Monday – Morphius “Dance While the World Burns”

adminrsr/ March 5, 2018/ New Music Monday

We are totally changing things up for this week and I think you’re going to love it!  Morphius is the first real time that Rock’d Soul Radio has dipped into the electronic world and I think this is a great start.  The music and lyrics drift between lively pop dance tracks and sinister vibes that just leave you feeling unsure

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